Ocean Flow, acrylic.




Sacrifice, Acrylic.



3 Tide Coming In


Tide Coming In, Watercolour.



Oil Free Art Show Piece, Watercolour.



Liquid Kelp.  Acrylic.



Chosen Place, Acrylic.


25 Discovery

Exploration, Watercolour.


8 Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage, Acrylic.


Shore Rocks

Shore Rocks, Watercolour



Baby Star

Baby Star, Watercolour


Extraneous Flower

Extraneous Flower, Acrylic


Ocean Blossom

Ocean Blossom, Acrylic


20 Reborn

Reborn, Watercolour.


12 Kelp

Kelp, Watercolour.


1 Ochre Star

Ochre Star, Graphite and watercolour


7 Forest Layers

Forest Floor, Watercolour


5 Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child, Acrylic


10 Iris Berries

Iris Berries, Acrylic


11 Solstice Corn

Solstice Corn, Watercolour study for Acrylic canvas


7 Still Life

Antherum, Acrylic



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