All reproductions are high quality archival giclee prints available in limited editions.

Art Card with envelope: 5 x 7 opening with blank inside and biography on back          $5.50 each


Nudibranch and Kelp


1 Anemone

Sea Anemone (horizonal opening)


4 Ocean Blossom

Ocean Blossom (horizontal opening)



Bonanza Beach (horizontal opening)


Vermillion Starfish

Vermillion Starfish (vertical opening)            Available as an 8 x 10 giclee print, edition of 300     $120.00


Low Tide

Low Tide (vertical opening)


Lone Seastar

Lone Seastar (vertical opening)


9 Forest Light

Haida Gwaii (vertical opening)



Sacrifice (horizontal opening)



Shore Crab (horizontal opening)            Available as a 12 x 14 giclee print, edition of 250      $140.00


tree copy 2 2

Stream of Consciousness (horizontal opening)            Available as a 11 x 15 giclee print, edition of 250     $150.00


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